Hunts Pond Road

Western Wards Allotment Association

Hunts Pond Road

We have 246 plots at this site. Plots are let by "the rod" and a typical 5 rod plot equates to 110 square metres. Annual Rental, which is payable on the 1st October each year is £8.50 per rod plus £2.50 annual membership of the association, meaning a 5 rod plot costs £45.00 per annum. To apply for an allotment please contact one of the site managers.

Hunts Pond Road allotments are situated to the west of Fareham at Titchfield Common and easily accessible via A27 Southampton Road and Hunts Pond Road.

About our Hunts Pond Road Site

Toilets – We have one main connected toilet available on the site.

Parking – There is no on-site parking but street parking is available on Hunts Pond Road and Netley Road.

Chippings and Manure – there are three bins on site providing manure and wood chippings.

Equipment – Motor Mowers are available to help you keep the paths around your allotment cut.

Buildings – In accordance with the Tenancy Agreement, Plot Holders have a choice of erecting a poly tunnel or a greenhouse on their plot. In addition, they can erect a fruit cage and a shed. This must be within the 20% cultivated area of their plot and subject to agreement of the installation with the Site Manager.

Chickens and Bees – A number of plot holders have chickens on site. Bees can be placed on the allotment subject to agreement with the site manager.

Watering – Plot holders are encouraged to capture rain water in water butts where possible. When stored water is not available, we have standpipes situated across the sites with a mains water supply. Plots should be watered where possible using a watering can. We are also allowing; on a trial basis the spot watering of plants using a hosepipe and will be monitoring the effect on usage and the associated cost as water is an expensive resource for us.


Site Managers:
martin barnett Martin Barnett, responsible for rows 1-15), Tel. 01489 589485.
keith johnson Keith Johnson (rows 16-27) Tel. 01489 589388.
alastair burnettAlastair Burnett (rows 28-40) Tel. 01489 583671.

hunts pond road allotment