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Sarisbury Green

We have 111 plots at this site. Plots are let by "the rod" and a typical 5 rod plot equates to 110 square metres. Annual Rental, which is payable on the 1st October each year is £8.50 per rod plus £2.50 annual membership of the association, meaning a 5 rod plot costs £45.00 per annum. To apply for an allotment please contact one of the site managers.

Allotment Road allotments are situated to the west of the borough in a primarily rural area. It can be accessed via Bridge Road and Allotment Road.

allotment road

Site Managers: Contact: Robin Green  Martin Wheeler

Martin Wheeler & Robin Green

Robin has been a site manager at Sarisbury and member of the WWAA management committee since 2017. He has been a plot holder on 32b for about 10 years. Robin supports the 'marketing' of the WWAA and allotment keeping at local shows during the summer months.

Martin has been a site manager and a member of the WWAA management committee since 2019. Martin has been a plot holder with his wife Sue for about 8 years on Plot 8a. They are experienced in keeping chickens and 'no dig initiatives'.

About our Sarisbury Site

Toilets - There is currently one Dunster House composting toilet available at the lower end of the site but managers are well advanced with plans to build a second compost toilet.

Parking - There is car parking for a limited number of cars on site. Alternatively, there is street parking in Allotment Road and a public car park next to the Cricket Club.

Chippings and Manure - Sarisbury has three chippings/mulch bins which are periodically kept topped up free of charge by local tree surgeons. Manure bins have been constructed next to the chippings bins but arrangements have yet to be made to collect bulk manure from local stables.

Equipment - Sarisbury has a range of mechanical and other gardening equipment including 3 rotavators, 3 mowers, 3 strimmers, paraffin weed burner, hole borer, electrical generator and chain saw. There are spades, forks, hoes, rakes also available for use. The equipment is made available from the Equipment Container which is kept secured. The code for the combination lock on the container is shared with plot holders at the start of their tenancy and issue of mechanical equipment subject to health and safety briefing. Fuel for the equipment is available as part of the tenancy.

Buildings - In accordance with the Tenancy Agreement, Plot Holders have a choice of erecting a poly tunnel or a greenhouse on their plot. In addition, they can erect a fruit cage and a shed. This must be within the 20% cultivated area of their plot and subject to agreement of the installation with the Site Manager.

Chickens and Bees - We have a small number of plot holders who keep chickens on site. We also have the benefit of two bee hives on site.

Hose pipes - In accordance with WWAA terms and conditions, hosepipes may be used to 'spot water' growing plants but where possible, plot holders are encouraged to hand water using a watering can.

Watering - Plot holders are encouraged to capture rain water in water butts where possible. When stored water is not available, we have standpipes situated across the sites with a mains water supply. Plots should be watered where possible using a watering can. We are also allowing; on a trial basis the spot watering of plants using a hosepipe and will be monitoring the effect on usage and the associated cost as water is an expensive resource for us. 'Managing Extreme Weather Conditions' project, Sarisbury site managers are experimenting with the installation of 3 IBC tanks each holding 1000 litres of rainwater collected on building roofs. These will be important in the event that there is another hosepipe ban imposed during very dry conditions. More IBC tanks will be rolled out if the project proves successful.